Join Metaphor Therapy:

Psychotherapy Associate

Metaphor Therapy employs highly skilled clinicians who are accruing hours toward licensure. MacKenzie meets with associates each week to discuss their cases and provide guidance to their therapeutic work. Interested in joining our team? Learn more below and apply. Applications are always open, and MacKenzie conducts interviews year-round with qualified applicants.

Job Description

In this 10-15 hour a week associateship, associates will…

  • Provide 5-10 hours a week of in-person and/or telehealth psychotherapy to their preferred populations: adults, couples, families, adolescents, groups, etc.

  • Document client contacts in SimplePractice electronic medical record

  • Develop a client base through marketing, referral networks, and training

  • Explore different clinical orientations based on their interests

  • Meet weekly with clinical supervisor MacKenzie Stuart, MA, LMFT to discuss their cases and development of their business

  • Have the option to expand beyond 10-15 hours a week if their practice is stable

Resources and Benefits Provided

Metaphor Therapy provides…

  • An hourly wage of $30 paid for time with clients, completing documentation, and receiving supervision

  • Bonuses based on profitability, which can be received as income or used pre-tax to pay for professional expenses including books, trainings, consultation, and personal psychotherapy

  • Use of office space in Alameda, CA

  • Confidential HIPAA-compliant email service through Hushmail and telehealth platform through SimplePractice

  • A monthly marketing budget and promotion on the Metaphor Therapy website

  • Weekly in-person clinical supervision with MacKenzie to support accrual of hours toward licensure and professional development, including…

    • Case consultation

    • Education on best practices for working with specialty populations and clinical issues, including LGBTQIA+ folks, consensual nonmonogamy (CNM)/polyamory, BDSM/kink, psychopharmacology, chronic depression, suicidality, and diagnosis

    • Support in creating a sustainable business model and marketing a practice

  • Monthly profit and loss statements showing income and expenses related to your work within the practice

  • Occasional referrals

  • Professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance

Successful Candidates

Good fits for this associateship are…

  • Independent, thoughtful people with a passion for strengths-based therapy

  • Responsive to email and phone communication

  • Good at managing their schedule

  • Hoping to develop a private practice as part of their ongoing career path

  • Interested in at least a 1-year commitment to beginning or continuing their practice with Metaphor Therapy

Good fits for this associateship have…

  • California BBS registration as an AMFT, APCC, or ASW in good standing

  • 1+ year of post-graduate experience and/or 750+ direct service hours

  • An existing caseload they'll be bringing with them and/or a strong professional network

  • Daytime availability to travel to Alameda for supervision

    • As of April 2022, the BBS still has a waiver in place waiving face-to-face supervision. As long as this waiver continues to be extended, the ability to travel to Alameda is not required, but applicants must be able to meet this requirement in the event that the waiver expires without new legislation in place.

Post Associateship

Associates will…

  • Retain their client base when they move into their own private practice

  • Have the option to remain a part of Metaphor Therapy as a licensed staff clinician

Application Process

  • Review Metaphor Therapy’s website to learn more about MacKenzie, the team, and how they work

  • Submit the following via the link below:

    • A resume or CV with your professional and clinical experience

    • A brief cover letter or statement of interest discussing why you’d like to join Metaphor Therapy

  • Candidates selected for an interview will:

    • Meet with MacKenzie for 25-50 minutes to discuss the role, their qualifications, and their goals