Associate and Staff Therapists

Metaphor Therapy employs highly skilled licensed and pre-licensed clinicians. MacKenzie meets with all members of the team regularly to support them in their psychotherapeutic work with you.

Associate Therapists

Associates are clinicians who are accruing hours toward licensure. Please feel free to reach out to associates directly to explore fit and scheduling. Associates are unable to accept insurance and welcome self-pay clients.

Metaphor's most recent associate cohort has launched or gotten licensed! Know someone who would make a great fit for our team? We're hiring.

Staff Therapists

Staff therapists are licensed clinicians working under the Metaphor banner. Please feel free to reach out to staff therapists directly to explore fit and scheduling. Some staff therapists may accept insurance as an out of network provider; all can provide receipts for you to submit to your insurance company, often called superbills, upon request.

Judy Huang, LMFT, LPCC

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #136592
California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #14731

Do you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty or worry about the future? Do you feel overextended because you're constantly serving others? Are you emotionally or physically exhausted? Are you concerned about your relationships? Are you feeling stuck, even though you’re trying so hard to move forward? Although these struggles can feel challenging, they can also be the spark to ignite positive change in your life.

In these uncertain times, I am committed to providing calming, nourishing help. I am warm, collaborative, understanding, and real. I work with individual adults and adolescents, along with couples and other relationship configurations.  I am happy to be of ongoing support to anyone in the state of California via telehealth.  I especially welcome to my practice people whose identities and experiences are underrepresented and underserved.  

My psychotherapy work is grounded in psychodynamic theory, which means that I attune to and examine unconscious thought patterns. I also work relationally, meaning that we will pay close attention to what arises between us in the therapy room. Deepening your awareness of the forces that shape your internal and external world will help you make meaning of your past experiences and live more consciously and intentionally.

In my work with couples and other relationship configurations, I draw primarily from my training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is the gold standard for evidence-based interventions in relationship work; it helps you and your loved ones establish safety and connection. I have also studied The Gottman Method with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Collaborative Couples Counseling with Dr. Dan Wile, and Modern Relationships with Esther Perel; I weave these interventions throughout my work with you.

Change can be rewarding, even exciting, when undertaken with the right support. You are not alone. Reach out and tap into greater ease, clarity, and connection. 

Erin Kilpatrick, LMFT

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #90864

Erin provides telehealth to clients throughout California.

erin @

Clinical Supervisor

MacKenzie meets with associates each week to discuss their cases and provide guidance. Working with a Metaphor associate means you get MacKenzie's energy in the room with you, which is often a good fit if her availability doesn't align with your needs.